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County History

ESTABLISHED: July 10, 1800

Square Miles: 625
Bridges: 380
Road Miles: 460
Highest Elevation: Vernon Township, Trautman Hill - 1,280 feet above sea level.
Lowest Elevation: Mespotamia Township, Grand River Basin - 800 feet above sea level.

210,157 (2009)

TOWNSHIPS: (24) Bazetta, Bloomfield, Braceville, Bristol, Brookfield, Champion, Farmington, Fowler, Greene, Gustavus, Hartford, Howland, Hubbard, Johnston, Kinsman, Liberty, Mecca , Mespotamia, Newton, Southington, Vernon, Vienna, Warren & Weathersfield Townships.


CITIES: (5) Cortland, Girard, Hubbard, Niles & Warren Cities.

VILLAGES: (6) Lordstown, McDonald, Newton Falls, Orangeville, West Farmington & Yankee Lake Villages.

COUNTY SEAT: City of Warren